Thursday, 16 February 2012

I live in Docksta now, then I'm a dockstader

Sergey Maklakov aka jucumari (my second digital persona along with Sabine Schmuts) relocates in Docksta, an alpine village by the sea in High Coast area of Sweden, to bring the idea of customized spacetime closer to the level of experience.

It is still unresearched whether there is any link between Dockstader ( with his origin in Minnesota) and Docksta, neither if the relocation means optimal living environment as is promised by the stars. Anyway, I hope that something of the beauty of the two will rub off on me.

Every single day, before I got my internet connection, I was wandering in the snow and taking pictures of the birch-tree outside my window. My room is facing the bay that is frosen now and white as everything else, only the surface betrays that it is the sea. Much more skies and stars here, Orion hanging over E4 road.The birch is dead on her left side and alive on her right, which makes her a Negarestani birch. The tenants of the house want her out of the view, but the owner can do nothing about it- she stands on someone else's land. So, she is enjoying the protectedness of a diplomat while being an untouchable and outcast, and persisting in her survival . If I see some young leaves on her when spring is coming to our severe "neider", everything will be OK.

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