Tuesday, 6 December 2011

zombification ( ballet project, part 2)

To develop the idea with zombie-like creatures walking on high heels to my track "Baronin von Schmerz" and notions of sensitivity and numbness, I would like to start with a quote from Resa Negarestani, whose philosophy of the weird as the horror of something under mobilisation of nothing elaborates on a condition of survival or remaing less as a result of subtraction, which is that of a zombie.

"...in the lexicon of the videogame, the horror is neither the anticipation of the 'boss' at the end of the game, nor of his absence; nor is it the supernatural, or the growing hords of undead armies, nor the uncanny ambience, it is the very definition of survival that is pregnant with the problematic from the beginning." (From The Horror of Something).

It is not a denial of life, but life infected with death, which removes the border between the two- something Russian underground artists of the 80s-90s in the movement called necro-realism were trying to do. Here is a ballet I would like to keep in mind while working on choreography.


Survival under difficult conditions may paralyze the will and block away sensitivity to pain -what if every single person were a surviver in a world of lost connections, conformed perceptions and pre-packaged responses?



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